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Aronia Planting Guide Part VI – Pruning, Pest, Landscaping, Harvesting, and Yields


After institution, the oldest stems must be pruned to floor in late dormant season. Prohibit bush top & enhance bushiness by slicing again upright stems.

After berries have dropped or been harvested prune to form the plant. Pruning the Aronia vegetation whereas the vegetation are younger will even encourage branching. The very best time to prune is within the late winter or spring earlier than development begins. By pruning within the early spring simply earlier than development begins. This implies there may be solely a short while earlier than new development begins and for the wound sealing course of to happen. It doesn’t severely hurt vegetation in the long term to chop vegetation again in order that they might produce a dense development of recent shoots That is referred to as “pollarding”. Because the vegetation develop bigger prune to skinny the plant so all elements of the plant obtain daylight.


Japanese beetles and different insect pests typically will depart the aronia vegetation alone. Blueberry Croft farm and nursery has not had issues with Japanese beetles.

For long-term pest administration, a great protection towards Japanese beetle entails enhancing the soil in your property in order that the helpful micro organisms that stay there are lively and quite a few. The micro organisms eat Japanese beetle eggs underneath the grass in round plant roots. Mulching and utilizing aerated compost tea made utilizing worm casting is an efficient method to enhancing your soil and the variety of helpful micro organisms within the soil.

Aronia berries are extra proof against microbial invasion than different fruits.

Aronia berries will present meals for deer; rabbits and songbirds within the fall after the berries are totally ripe if left unpicked. Earlier than they’re totally ripe they’re so bitter that songbirds will keep away from them.

In abstract the main pest are as follows

  • Deer
  • Rabbits
  • Songbirds (within the fall after fruit is ripe)
  • Japanese beetles (often not an issue)
  • Just a few maggots from Noticed Wing Drosphila have present in a number of berries in some websites. A potential resolution is to strive placing some traps with molasses, brewer’s yeast, and many others to attempt to decrease populations round Aronia and different berry vegetation.


The follow of rising aronia as a panorama plant is rising. One of many causes is as a result of it could deal with each moist and dry soil along with being a really decorative plant. It’s engaging in every season and never effected by most ailments and pests. These are excellent panorama vegetation. They’ve engaging white flowers within the spring and delightful shiny inexperienced leaves all summer time lengthy. The darkish berries within the fall on the finish of the 12 months and are a plus by offering wholesome fruit.

Their skill to resist moist conditions makes aronia vegetation applicable for rising alongside the sides of ponds, streams or different related situations. Aronia works effectively as a riverbank stabilizer, or in fields within the path of water runs to regulate erosion or in any large-scale planting wherein a rising mass is required. Aronia vegetation are particularly helpful in roadside ditches or a moist low tract of land that may be a pure panorama function or a human-created one. Think about using the cultivar Nero for those who take pleasure in seeing heavy manufacturing of bigger and longer lasting black fruits on a extra compact plant three to four toes tall. For those whoare planning to have a productive plantation with excessive-quality fruit Nero or the taller rising Viking vegetation are good selections.


For greater than half of to 1 acre mechanical harvesting is extra environment friendly, sooner and less expensive than hand harvesting.

Aronia fruit keep good for a relative lengthy time period and may be saved unhurt within the containers even for a number of days. “This implies they will also be shipped to prospects’ proper after selecting with out refrigeration. This can be a important alternative and profit as a result of it additionally makes it potential to ship the fruit harvested from a big space to the processing facility all on the similar time.

The processing of contemporary aronia isn’t exhausting to perform. Though the fruit is comfortable their shock-resistance permits them to be saved for an extended time than different extra fragile berries.

Fruit Yields

The second 12 months after planting 2-year-old nursery aronia vegetation within the subject they often are reported to provide about 2 pound of fruit per plant. The third 12 months after planting within the subject they’re reported to provide about 10 kilos of fruit per plant. The 4 to fifth 12 months after planting they’re reported to yields about 20 kilos of fruit per plant. Fruit manufacturing is reported to be as excessive as 35 kilos per mature plant. By way of the expansion of aronia vegetation the saying is “First they sleep, then they creep after which they leap”.

At 20 kilos per plant, 1000 vegetation per acre can be anticipated to provide 20,000 kilos of berries.